Kennels in Knutton

Kennels in KnuttonWhy would you need kennels in Knutton if you could ask family or friends to look after your dog? They might be the obvious choice, but may not be available to dog sit while you are away. Before you decide to cancel your trip, have a look at available kennels in your area. While you may prefer the family or friends to mind your dog, you will be pleasantly surprised at the care reputable kennels can provide, and at affordable costs.

Pay a visit to Blakeley Farm Kennels. In Knutton, kennels run by Blakeley Farm are managed by a family of animal enthusiasts. The kennels are in a beautiful rural setting just outside of Stoke on Trent, and they provide professional and loving care for your dog while he is with them. With heated and purpose built kennels, your dog will spend his nights in luxury. He will also be fed the finest meals prepared with Arden Grange quality pet foods. The kennels are staffed 24 hours a day by the friendly team who love caring for animals. While your dog is on his holiday, he could have a grooming session. The animal lovers here also provide a top class grooming service for dogs. If he is scruffy looking and his coat is need of a trim, he could have a grooming session to have him looking his best for when he returns home!

Kennels in Knutton are available to care for your dog in your absence. Contact Blakeley Farm to find out more about their kennels. They do require that all dogs are up to date with their required inoculations before accepting them to stay at the kennels. They will administer medication too, if your dog is on a daily medicine schedule. Their expert care is guaranteed, so you will have peace of mind that your dog is safe, content and in the best possible hands while you are away.

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