Catteries in Uttoxeter

catteries in UttoxeterLook for catteries in Uttoxeter if you’re planning on going away on holiday for a while. Blakeley Farm have put together a cattery that is far superior in every way. We have gone above and beyond in order to make sure that our cattery is a place that your cat will love. Our attention to detail is what has made cat lovers turn to us the moment they have a trip booked. We are able to create a holiday like environment for your cat too. After all, if you’re going away to enjoy a holiday then why shouldn’t your cat as well? We can guarantee that you will have nothing to worry about. Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals will roll out the red carpet for your little kitty and help it to settle in quickly.

Fear not if you have to go away and are worried about your cat. In Uttoxeter, catteries at Blakeley Farm are a holiday home for your cat. We cater for all the needs of your cat. From meals to exercise, your cat will be constantly pampered. It’s no secret that cats are partial to being treated like royalty. Lounging about and living on their terms is what makes cats uniquely different to any other animal. We understand cats and how they prefer to operate. If you care about your cat when you go away, then sending it to us will relieve you of any worry. They will enjoy a luxury stay that involves plenty of care and loving attention. When you pick up your cat at the end of your holiday from us, you won’t be the only one that has enjoyed some quality R&R.

We offer one of the most outstanding catteries in Uttoxeter. If you are looking for affordable and safe catteries, contact Blakeley Farm. Come and pay us a visit today and see for yourself. Your will cat will certainly love you for it if you do.

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