Dog Kennels in Cresswell

Dog Kennels in CresswellContact the best dog kennels in Cresswell when you need to leave your furry friend behind while you holiday.  At Blakeley Farm, we believe that every four-footed client of ours is entitled to get the best of love and affection, kindness, caring, good food, lots of exercise and play-time. Of course, we could never replicate what you give them at home, but we do a pretty good job. You may have to be away for a longer time, or it could be just a day or two – whatever the time, we ensure that your precious doggie gets premium professional care at down to earth prices. Most people try and get family or friends to step in when they need to leave home for extended periods. But you can’t always rely on having someone who’s ready and willing to take on the task.

That’s where we come to the rescue. In Cresswell, dog kennels many dog kennels don’t follow best practices. However, Blakeley Farm has nearly 60 purpose built individual kennels which are fitted with heating. If you have more than one dog and would like them to be together, you can opt for a shared kennel which houses two. We accept all breeds, and our only stipulation is that their immunity should be up to date. Proof of vaccination is essential before you check your dog in. In case you’re unable to drop off or pick up your pet from Blakeley Farm, we’re glad to offer a collection service. Our staff is on-site 24×7 and we have CCTV installed at our facilities. We serve hygienic, nutritious and tasty meals according to your specifications and preferences. Your dog is used to a certain level of care and he/she knows that you will ensure that meals are served on time.

Top quality dog kennels in Cresswell should also provide the right amount of exercise according to your dog’s breed and age. For more information about our dog boarding facilities, contact Blakeley Farm. We also make sure that your pet has enough personal space to play in. Your pet’s safety is of prime importance, hence we never allow unsupervised interactions between our boarders.


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