Cat Boarding in Blackshaw Moor

Cat Boarding in Blackshaw MoorEntrust your feline friend to the best cat boarding in Blackshaw Moor while you’re away on holiday. At Blakeley Farm we understand how anxious you feel about leaving your pet in a strange place and that’s why we encourage potential clients to visit us before making a decision. Our friendly, experienced and highly-dedicated team of animal lovers can ensure that your pet is made comfortable and has a safe and enjoyable time with us. We are a family run business and since we were established in 2003, we’ve earned the reputation of being a reliable and top-quality service. Most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from our satisfied clients. Our lovely rural setting in Stoke on Trent is the perfect place for your precious pet to relax in his or her purpose-built luxury cat pen.

Most of us are excited about making holiday plans, but what holds us back is the fact that our pets need care while we’re away. In Blackshaw Moor, cat boarding facilities have to be chosen keeping your needs, preferences and budget in mind. Cats are highly territorial and they dislike being moved out of their familiar surroundings. If your cat is a home-body and doesn’t go out much, the problems are even more difficult to handle. In such cases, if you feel your cat will experience extreme anxiety and stress, look for alternatives. However, in our experience, most cats, no matter how old they are, always enjoy a stay with us.

While choosing the right cat boarding in Blackshaw Moor, keep a few tips in mind. Choose one that has the necessary licenses and certifications. Ensure that they have the right safety features and that your cat doesn’t come into direct contact with any other animal there. There should be enough light, air and space between the units so the animals don’t go nose-to-nose. When you need secure and comfortable cat boarding facilities, contact Blakeley Farm. We provide the  Arden Grange brand of cat-food, our site is staffed 24×7, with CCTV surveillance. If you’d like a pick-up/drop-off service, let us know.

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