Dog Grooming in Blackshaw Moor

Dog Grooming in Blackshaw MoorWe offer dog grooming in Blackshaw Moor at Blakeley Farm. However, your pup does not have to be a boarding guest with our kennel to utilise our grooming services. Your first experience with our professional groomer may have been while your dog was boarding with us. As a satisfied customer, you don’t need to look elsewhere for ongoing spa treatments and your dog will feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. If you’ve never boarded your dog with us, we promise you will love the way your dog looks, feels and smells after our groomers attentions. There is more to grooming than getting your dog bathed, haircut, ears cleaned and nails trimmed. Of course we do all that but we also apply soothing techniques to help your dog, even an anxious dog, feel safe and relaxed.

How often you have your dog groomed depends on how long the hair is and the dogs lifestyle. For puppies in Blackshaw Moor, dog grooming on a frequent schedule will train your dog to relax and enjoy grooming. Our groomers are fully equipped with the right tools to safely trim those delicate areas around the eyes, ears and paws. Longhaired dogs get matted if not brushed frequently and those can be difficult to get out so we approach that task with great care. Your dog may have special needs such as hypoallergenic shampoos, fragrance free products and we honour those requests. While older dogs are often more accepting of grooming some resist because it can be painful to their joints. We handle all our dogs with great care and accommodate those with arthritis and hip pain.

While your dog is in our care, dog grooming in Blackshaw Moor can reveal health issues that may need attention. A yelp when an area of your dog’s body is touched could be a symptom of an underlying problem your vet will want to examine. We clean the dog’s ears and can often spot ear infections. If your dog has been scooting across floors, anal glands may need to be cleaned. We can do that and brush their teeth with special brushes and toothpaste. Contact Blakeley Farm and schedule your dog in for grooming. It’s well worth our reasonable costs because it protects your dog’s health and hygiene.

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