Cat Kennel in Cheadle

Cat Kennel in CheadleYou will need a luxury and reliable cat kennel in Cheadle when you go on holiday. If you are away for a few weeks then you need your kitty to have the best possible care. You cannot leave home without making sure that your cat will be well looked after and spoilt.  At our cattery, we do spoil our guests.  We have single and double units that are perfect for cats.  They are penthouse units with windows and have been built indoors and are fully heated.  Your cat can watch the other cats or look outside.  It will be safe and warm and very well fed while you are gone.  We feed only the best-balanced diet to your cat and make sure there is always fresh water available.  Arden Grange cat food is our vets recommended choice.

If you are going away for the weekend in Cheadle, cat kennels are your top priority.  You want to make sure that your beloved pet will be looked after and treated well while you are gone. Even a weekend is too long to leave your cat alone at home. Our cattery is staffed at all times and we have CCTV in operation to keep an eye on the pets. We have the experience to administer medication if your cat has a chronic illness. The cats are lovingly looked after by our team of staff and are played with and petted so that they do not miss you too much.

Using a well-known and respected cat kennel in Cheadle is important when you have to go on a business trip.  Contact Blakeley Farm today or visit us to inspect our cattery facilities. We make sure that your cat is well looked after by our team of animal lovers.  We have years of experience looking after cats and making sure all their needs are met.  Our cattery provides the most nutritious food for your cat to keep it healthy. Members of our staff have loads of practice giving cats medicine so if your cat needs to be medicated we will ensure that it receives its daily dose.

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