Dog Grooming in Blackshaw Moor

Dog Grooming in Blackshaw Moor Keep your furry friend looking smart and fresh with our top-quality dog grooming in Blackshaw Moor at Blakeley Farm. We are a family of animal enthusiasts and we provide a comprehensive range of services for pet parents. Our extensive family-run farm is the ideal place for boarding your cat or dog if you have to be away from them on a holiday or business trip. We have spacious, airy, comfortable, temperature-controlled purpose-built kennels and a separate cattery or your pet to enjoy in safety. Our friendly team is ever willing to play with, care for, feed, exercise and supervise our pet guests. Apart from boarding facilities, we provide premium-grooming services for your dog. Our facilities cater to all breeds and they’re provided by a professionally trained groomer. We also offer free advice and handy tips to keep your pet healthy and clean. If you’d like to drop him/her off while you’re at work, you can return after work to pick up.

Before you make an appointment with a grooming service, make sure that you do your research. In Blackshaw Moor, dog grooming services may be offered by many kennels, trained and untrained persons. Not all of them maintain the high standards that we do and they may not have the right equipment and facilities. That is why pet parents should not simply pick a name from the Yellow Pages or the Internet. It’s important to pick a local service that’s located close to your home or place of work. You must visit the place beforehand so that you can check the facilities and people for yourself. Ask for a complete tour of the place so that you can check how well it’s operated. Focus on space, hygiene and equipment.

Dog grooming in Blackshaw Moor should be conducted only by certified, experienced professionals. You need to ensure that your dog is entrusted into the right hands so he doesn’t feel anxious or stressed. If you would like to find out more about our dog grooming service, contact Blakeley Farm today.  Established since 2003, we continue to provide a high standard of care for all our furry visitors.

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