Dog Boarding in Eccleshall – Ensure Your Fur Baby is Safe in Your Absence

Dog Boarding in Eccleshall You can now leave your pet in excellent care with dog boarding in Eccleshall when you travel. It can be challenging to find someone to care for your dog while you are away. Whether you are travelling for business, family events or vacation, it helps to know your dog is in good hands. A dog boarding facility is several times safer than asking a neighbour to check in on your pet. This way, you can rest assured that your pet is not lonely or messing up the house while you are away. A well-equipped boarding facility is like a vacation for your dog. Ensure you select a boarding facility with a reputable feeding programme and high standards of hygiene.

Anyone who loves dogs knows they are social creatures. In Eccleshall, our dog boarding facility is a home away from home. We consider our facility a holiday getaway for your dog. We have 56 heated kennels that will keep your pets cosy in both the cold and warm months. Our kennels are fitted with all-weather runs that are safe from all the elements. For added safety, we only accept fully vaccinated dogs into our facility. This keeps them safe from diseases such as the kennel cough. Your dog will be fed twice a day with high-quality Arden Grange feeds. We also cater for pets that have special dietary needs. We’ll also ensure that your dog gets lots of exercise.

If you have been wondering where to find excellent dog boarding in Eccleshall, come to us. We are a friendly family-run business with a passion for pets. Our staff offers professional care with a personal touch. We welcome all our potential clients to visit our site for an inspection. We are located in a beautiful rural setting where your dogs can make all the noise they want. If you would like more information about our facility, contact Blakeley Farm today. We’ll happily guide you through our services. We also have a fully equipped grooming centre to cater for your dog’s grooming and pampering needs.

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