Catteries in Hanchurch – the Perfect Place for Your Feline Friend’s Holiday

Catteries in Hanchurch Catteries in Hanchurch are the perfect place to leave your fur baby when you need to leave town for a few days. Finding someone to look after your cat in your absence can be a little of a challenge. Friends and family may not be available during this time. However, a cattery has the trained staff to care for your feline friend and make sure he is content and safe during his visit. They’ll also have access to a vet should he become ill. You will have peace of mind knowing that he is safe and will be able to give your full attention to why you are away. If you are searching for the right cattery for your feline friend, get in touch. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

In addition, you’re welcome to pay us a visit. In Hanchurch, catteries offer safe and comfortable accommodation for their cat visitors. We offer purpose built cat pens that are clean and comfortable. On offer are single and double cat units, each of which is centrally heated and indoors. The units have windows too, so your cat can see what is happening outside while snug and arm inside. If your cat is a fussy eater, there is no need to worry. We give each cat nutritious and delicious Arden Grange cat food during their stay. Furthermore, our property is manned by our staff throughout the day and night, coupled with CCTV. You can be sure that your cat will be safe.

You can rest assured that your cat will be content and safe at catteries in Hanchurch. We do require that every cat that visits us fully deformed and deflead. For more details about our cattery, contact Blakeley Farm Kennels today. We’re a family run business with a team who is passionate about animals. Should your cat have a medical condition, our experienced staff can administer his medication. Furthermore, if you are unable to bring your cat to us, we also offer a collection service. When you return home, we can bring him to you. Let your cat enjoy his holiday here with us while you are away.

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