Expert Dog Grooming in Cresswell, for a Happy Healthy Pet

We also offer dog grooming in Cresswell.

Dog Boarding in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Safe and Secure for When You’re Away

Dog boarding in Newcastle-Under-Lyme is a service from Blakeley Farm.

Cat Kennel in Biddulph, Safe, Secure, Affordable and Caring

We are the cat kennel in Biddulph you’ve been looking for.

Choose Professional Dog Grooming in Tunstall to Pamper Your Pooch

Choose our dog grooming in Tunstall for a day of pampering for your pooch.

Find the Best Dog Kennels in Leek, Perfect for Your Dog’s Holiday

Dog kennels in Leek should be carefully chosen before you and your family finalise your holiday plans.

Top Rated Catteries in Uttoxeter for Your Cat While You are Away

Catteries in Uttoxeter are not plentiful but we at Blakeley Farm saw the need.

Choose Dog Boarding in Eccleshall, a Perfect Holiday for Your Furry Friend

Find out more about our facilities for dog boarding in Eccleshall before you plan your next holiday.

Cat Kennel in Cheddleton, Safe, Secure and Affordable for Your Cat

Find a cat kennel in Cheddleton that meets your specific requirements for the care of your cat.

Top Quality Dog Boarding in Stallington, Excellent Care at Excellent Prices

You’ll be searching for professional dog boarding in Stallington if you need to leave town for a couple of days.

Dog Grooming in Cresswell, a Delightful Treat for Your Furry Friend

Arrange for dog grooming in Cresswell with our groomers at Blakeley Farm. It’s true that our clients who board their dogs and cats with us love that we have a groomer on site. Many will schedule a spa day for their furry friends when they board with us. They like bringing home a freshly groomed … Read more