Catteries in Cresswell

Catteries in CresswellIt is hard to ask your friends and families to look after your cats when you are away and catteries in Cresswell might be the ideal location. Cats are creatures of habits and they might not be used to other human beings and if the person you ask to look after your pets is not comfortable around cats, then there is a chance that they might dash and run away from home. They are very sensitive creatures, even though they are affectionate with human beings, at the first sense of threat, they might go into hiding. Unlike dogs, they are solitary animals and might choose the natural environment over the house.

To avoid issues such as cat dashing in Cresswell, catteries are a consideration while you are away. At Blakeley Farm, we have purpose-built catteries to keep your kittens and cats safely while you are on a trip. Our facilities are great, they are open 7 days a week, and there is always a staff member present to look after your pets, even at night. To make sure that they are well-looked after and fed well, we use the Arden Grange range of pet foods. Our facilities were built specifically for your animals’ comfort and safety. You can be sure that we will look after them and keep them healthy and safe. It can be hard separating from your pet, but with us, they will not be not frightened. Our staff members are animal lovers and will make sure that your pets are comfortable at our facilities. Should they need medicines to be administered, we will make sure to keep to a timetable.

Since it can be a hassle to drop off your cats at the catteries in Cresswell, we do have a local pickup and delivery service. We understand that it can be hectic especially if you have a plane to catch and lots of things to take care of before you leave. Contact Blakeley Farm for more information about catteries. If you would like, you are also welcome to visit before you make a booking for your feline companion.

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