Cat Kennel in Biddulph

Cat Kennel in BiddulphA quality cat kennel in Biddulph is a simple matter of finding the most reliable cattery around. You feel bad about having to put your pet in the kennel while you are gone. This is the safest and most responsible thing to do. Your cat needs to be well looked after while you are gone and will have all his need met at our modern cat kennels. Our staff love animals and make sure that they are happy and eating well. They get love and attention every day and have their own private run where they can sunbathe or enjoy the fresh air. The beds are clean and hygienic. The cattery has been purpose built for the comfort of the cats.

When you have to go away on business or on holiday in Biddulph, cat kennels should be the last thing you need worry about. Your cat will be happy and content with its temporary accommodation. If it is on medication we have the staff who can make sure that the cat gets the medication it needs on time every day. The cats have space to sit if it rains where they are warm and dry. Their sleeping quarters are snug and cosy. With such a welcome and pleasant atmosphere your cat will settle in quickly and thoroughly enjoy its time with us. Cats, unlike dogs need to have an escape proof run as they are always curious about what goes on outside. They will love the fresh farm air and all the wonderful smells that go with farm life.

A cat kennel in Biddulph is the correct and responsible way to house your cat while you are away. We encourage all prospective clients to visit us and inspect our facilities. Contact Blakeley Farm today to book a space for your cat in our cat kennel for your next trip. Your cat will have a holiday while you are having yours. It will be kept healthy and happy while you are gone and will be in excellent shape when you come back.

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