Catteries in Blyth Bridge

Catteries in Blyth BridgeYou’re probably concerned about finding the right catteries in Blyth Bridge if you’re leaving your precious furry friend behind while you’re away on holiday. At Blakeley Farm we believe that you should be completely at peace when you entrust your four-footed friends to our care so that you’re able to enjoy your holiday while they have a lovely time with us! Very often, people avoid taking a vacation because they simply can’t find the right place for their pets. Either the place is small and cramped, or it’s not very hygienic. Sometimes, the people running it may not understand your pet’s needs and preferences well enough. Your cat could end up with a disease, catch an infestation or he may be attacked by aggressive resident pets. Your cat’s health and safety are our prime concern.

Some of the things to look for in good quality facilities include the over-all look and feel of the place based on first impressions. In Blyth Bridge, catteries like ours are located in a beautiful, country-farm setting, with plenty of space and fresh air. We have purpose-built facilities for cats and dogs and individual units for each pet-guest. These are secure and safely locked so there’s no chance of your pet escaping and getting lost. Each unit is warm and comfortable, with facilities for outdoor play or exercise if required on an individual basis and not in a communal environment.

With lots of animals housed together, some catteries in Blyth Bridge may be breeding places for different viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms that pose a risk to your pet’s health. However, we ensure that our cattery is designed in such a way that it minimises contact between the pet-guests and hence the spread of diseases and infections. If you require more information about professionally run catteries, contact Blakeley Farm. We understand the vital importance of keeping the premises squeaky clean and disinfected and we remove all uneaten food and drink as soon as your pet has finished his meal. Let your cat bring some favourite toys or a beloved cushion to let him feel more at home with us. Visit Blakeley Farm and see the facilities for yourself.

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