Cat Boarding in Leek

Cat Boarding in Leek You don’t have to be a whizz-kid to know that cat boarding in Leek can be either good or terrible. Sometimes you get holiday accommodation that welcomes pets, but if not, you’ll want good cat care facilities – exactly what you get at Blakeley Farm. For instance if your cat has special needs, you’ll want someone who will care for him like their own. They have got kennels and a cattery to care for your treasured 4-legged family member. They’re a family-run business and your pet will love the beautiful country setting just outside of Stoke-on-Trent.

Blakeley Farm ensures that the animals in their care aren’t left over weekends and public holidays while the staff take time off. In Leek, cat boarding is so good that your cat will scarcely know you’re gone, with the comfortable purpose-built cat-pens. Staffed at all times, they invite you to call on them anytime you wish, and they are open every day of the week. Apart from any special treats you may want to leave for your cat, your cat will also enjoy meals from Arden Grange pet food. You can be sure he will be well fed while you’re away, and if he has any medications, these will be diligently administered.

Cat boarding in Leek promises to be more than adequate for your beloved pets. For more information about cat boarding, contact Blakeley Farm. They also provide a grooming service to ensure your pet looks his best. Should you be unable to bring your pet to them, they also offer a local collection and delivery service. The staff at Blakeley Farm know each animal as an individual and they know that each cat has characteristics that will require special treatment, and they’re there to guarantee this.

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