Cat Kennel in Eccleshall

Cat Kennel in EccleshallA cat kennel in Eccleshall can come in handy for cat owners who have to be away on holiday or work and do not know who to leave their adorable cats with. Cats require a degree of care that not a lot of people can provide. It is for this reason that it is imperative that the cat kennel or cattery you choose offers an exceptional level of care and comfort. Your furry friend should feel quite content and relaxed in the cat kennel facilities. Finding a good cat kennel can be challenging especially for new cat owners who do not know where to look. At Blakeley farm, we provide fully equipped cat kennels for cat owners who love their cats and want to give them the best of care while they are away.

When you need to temporarily leave your cat in Eccleshall, a cat kennel is an ideal solution to your cat’s care while you are away. We have an excellent reputation for providing top quality facilities at affordable prices. Have peace of mind in the knowledge that your cat will be taken care of by a team of caring professionals. Your cat will also have its own, luxury specially-made cat-pen where he will be comfortable and safe. They are also all centrally heated and spotlessly clean. We love what we do and the level of care we offer is exceptional. Many of our cat boarders are repeat visitors, with their owners confident in the excellent care their cats receive.

A cat kennel in Eccleshall is a safe and comfortable place for your cat in your absence. We provide top quality Arden Grange pet food, so your fur baby will eat like a king. Our cattery is staffed 24 hours a day, ensuring that your cat is safe and secure. Contact Blakeley Farm to find out more about our cat kennel. If your cat is having treatment, we are happy to administer his medication as required. We welcome site inspections from both owner and kitty, so pay us a visit and have a look at our quality facility. 

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