Kennels in Hanchurch

Kennels in HanchurchYou won’t find more suitable kennels in Hanchurch than the beautiful Blakeley Farm kennels. Located just outside Stoke-of-Trent, this family owned and operated, the boarding facilities offer purpose-built kennels designed for the highest level of comfort to accommodate your dog or cat. That’s right – the facility is designed to welcome your feline friend too! It’s not easy finding a cattery to assume care for your feline while you enjoy a holiday, but this lovely family’s boarding and grooming centre is happy to care for both of your pets so that you can enjoy your well-deserved time away.

If you’re residing in Hanchurch, kennels providing a variety of all-inclusive services are well within your reach. Offering full service grooming, Blakeley Farm is a fantastic place to entrust with not only the care, but the grooming and maintenance needs of your beloved dog. Schedule a grooming for your furry friend before you arrive to pick them up from their stay, or pay a visit to the grooming salon at your convenience. The experienced grooming staff would love to get your dog’s appearance back to their best potential. You’ll arrive with a scruffy haired companion, and leave with a perfectly manicured best friend.

Kennels in Hanchurch are a great place to leave your dog while you are away. Whether you’re heading out for a business trip or a holiday, you can rest assured the kind-hearted animal lovers that run this rural boarding and full-service grooming venue will give your furry friend the love, attention, and thorough care they deserve. Leaving your furry companion for an extended amount of time can be worrisome, especially if you’re leaving them for the first time in an unfamiliar setting. Contact Blakeley Farm and speak friendly staff for more information. You are welcome to take a tour of their facilities and meet the family. Committed to providing an excellent customer experience, the staff is ready to put your mind at ease.

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