Cat Boarding in Hanchurch

Cat Boarding in HanchurchYou will need cat boarding in Handchurch if you’re planning a family vacation and you have a pet cat. Cats are territorial animals. They often see the home where they reside as their “territory”. If you suddenly decide to place your cat in another home, albeit for a short period of time, it will create stress for the animal. Some may develop feelings of mistrust and will not trust their owner upon their return. Some cats become aggressive when they are temporarily placed in another care center. The best solution is to find a place that specializes in cat boarding. Such facilities have the knowledge and understanding of how to empathetically deal with felines. You have to be a cat and animal lover in general to work at a cattery, so you can be sure your feline will be loved in your absence.

If you reside in Hanchurch, cat boarding services are available at Blakeley Farm. We are a family-run, friendly cattery. As cat-lovers ourselves, we understand how difficult it is for your feline to separate from his or her family. To accommodate such special guests, we have 32 purpose-built single and double penthouse cat units. These are all located indoors and are centrally heated. Built-in windows enable your pet o look and interact with neighbors. Our cat penthouse units are designed to like home away from home, so that your cat can adjust quickly in our premises. In addition to boarding, we provide food and medication administration as well. Our premises is CCTV equipped at all times. We are open 7-days a week and happily welcome facility inspections.

If you’re going away on vacation, place your feline in a comfortable cat boarding in Handchurch. Contact Blakeley Farm to learn more about our cat boarding services. It is useful to note that we require that all cats to be wormed and flea treated before staying with us. We will require proof of vaccination before admission. Plan your family vacation with the peace of mind that your feline member of the family will be well looked after in your absence.

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