Dog Boarding in Cheddleton

Dog Boarding in CheddletonAt Blakeley Farm we encourage dog owners seeking dog boarding in Cheddleton for the first time to tour our facility. We know leaving your dog for the first time, whether for a few days or weeks, is unsettling. You and your dog have learned to communicate. You know what he wants when he lays his chin on his paws and stares at you or does his spinning dance. You know he runs to your bed trembling at the first rumble of thunder in the night and licks his paws excessively when anxious. How can anyone else care for him properly when only you understand him? Besides, the two of you have a daily routine he counts on. Please, come and view our facility and meet our staff. Bring your dog and let us put your mind at ease.

We at Blakeley Farm are a family owned and operated boarding kennel and cattery. For those in Cheddleton, dog boarding is nearby just outside Stoke on Kent. We established our kennel in 2003 so have quite a lot of experience with all breeds of dogs. We are quick to pick up on their signals as different dogs often have some of the same behavior traits. We have found that dogs transition quickly to a new pack leader and when you return they transition back to you. When you visit us, you will see first hand how well we care for our guests. Each kennel is warm, comfortable and safe. Our all weather runs allow your dog to go out safely at will. We make sure they have plenty of fresh food, water, exercise and interaction with our caregivers.

Dog boarding in Cheddleton for the first time comes with many questions. Call us at Blakeley Farm; take the tour and we think you will feel reassured. Unlike some kennels, we never leave our kennel unattended. Staff is on site around the clock. For the health and safety of your dog and all our guests we insist that dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and have been immunised against kennel cough. That’s how all our dogs stay healthy. We have a groomer on site so if you want your pup groomed before he goes home make an appointment, and he’ll be sparkling for his return home.

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