Catteries in Stallington

Catteries in StallingtonCatteries in Stallington need to meet the most stringent standards of comfort, safety, and cleanliness for your cat, and you’ll find such a cattery at Blakeley Farm. When you’re away from home, you want only the highest quality of care available for your cat. You want to know that your cat is being looked after in a professional, friendly environment by the experts in the business. Look no further than Blakeley Farm for a service such as this. We have been serving the needs of cat-owners since 2003, and so have over a decade of experience in running a luxurious cattery that will provide a comfortable, clean and safe environment for your cat when you’re away.

When you live in Stallington, catteries should not be something to concern yourself about. With the excellence and professionalism of the cattery run by Blakeley Farm, you’ll never have to worry again about finding the perfect caretaker for your cats while you’re away. Our family-run business prides itself on the quality of service that we provide to our customers. We have a true affinity for animals and our friendly team is ready and waiting to care for your cats. Your cat is sure to love our luxurious indoor pens, and to enjoy watching the goings-on of the world through their windows. Our catteries feature numerous mod-cons, and we feed the cats in our care with only the high-quality Arden Grange range of pet food. Should your cat have a medical condition, we will administer its medication.

When you’re looking for catteries in Stallington, be sure to consider our catteries at Blakeley Farm. We’d love for you to come around and see the quality of our service for yourself – we’re open every day. Contact Blakeley Farm if you are looking for professionally run catteries. Don’t worry about bringing your cat to us when you’re organising your trip away, or about fetching them again after a tiring journey home. We are able to collect your pets on your departure and deliver them on your return. Go ahead and call us today to find out how our cattery caters to your cat’s every need.

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