Cat Kennel in Cresswell

Cat Kennel in CresswellWhen you go on holiday you need a reliable cat kennel in Creswell to look after your pets. Although cats are very independent they cannot be left on their own at home if there is no-one to care for them. There are so many things that can go wrong, they can run out of food or have it eaten by another animal. Their water may tip over or run out and they may get injured and have to wait in pain until someone comes to their rescue. When you lodge them with us they are safe and well looked after.

You need a caring and loving place to leave your pets when you go away. In Cresswell, cat kennels are our speciality on our farm in the country. We adore animals and offer them the best possible care. Our cat pens have been specially built for the comfort of the animals. We have 32 purpose built double or single units to accommodate one or two of your pets. The units are indoors and are fully centrally heated so that the cats are snug and cosy. The units have windows that allow the cat to watch everything that goes on.

We are a caring and secure cat kennel in Creswell. Contact Blakeley Farm today to book your cat in for a week or a month. We have 14 years of experience in providing high quality care for cats and dogs. We have purpose built kennels and cattery to accommodate your special friends. We welcome inspections at any time we are open so that you can see for yourself how well cared for and happy our customers are.  We also offer pet grooming facilities to our customers so that your dog or cat can be clean and well groomed all the time. This is especially important with long haired cats as they need the hair removed before they swallow it.  They also benefit from a bath from time to time as it is sometimes difficult to get themselves clean with all that long hair.

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