Dog Grooming in Cheddleton

Dog Grooming in CheddletonYour dog does not have to be our overnight kennel guest at Blakeley Farm to take advantage of our dog grooming in Cheddleton. We welcome day-trippers to our canine salon to receive the same individual care as our long-term guests. Whatever the breed, even the questionable ones, all are given the full royal treatment. They will enjoy a sudsy warm bath, warm blow-dry, invigorating brush and a stylish haircut. Add a nail trim, ear cleaning and a safe clean to remove stains around the eyes and mouth. How about a good tooth brushing? We’ll wrap it all up with a freshly scented spritz and a new neckerchief. If Brutus is too cool for spritz and neckwear, we respect that. Your dog will look like a good roll in dead fish never crossed his mind.

Our dog groomers are dog lovers and usually their dog clients instinctively relax and feel safe. For those anxious types in Cheddleton, dog grooming with a soft voice and gentle skilled hands helps relieve anxiety. We work quickly so the dogs discomfort is not prolonged unnecessarily. Our dog grooming facility at Blakeley Farm is equipped with dog friendly products suitable for all skin types including dogs with allergies. Moisturising shampoos and conditioners that help relieve your dog’s dry itchy skin. Special emollients may be applied to noses and foot pads to prevent cracking and give them a healthy shine. Our environment is safe and pet friendly so have no worries about your dog while he or she is in our care.

Dog grooming in Cheddleton is one of several services we offer. Our family has been caring for pets at Blakeley Farm since 2003. We are fortunate to be doing what we love, which is working with animals. We welcome your visits and our grooming facility has convenient hours to accommodate your schedule. Contact Blakeley Farm for a dog grooming appointment. We require proof of vaccination for the safety of all our dogs. Our groomers will take the time to get to know the cut you prefer and ask about allergies or skin conditions requiring specialised products. Our dog groomers are professionals with a good knowledge of skin, coat, ear and teeth health. They will make a note of any unusual condition so you can follow up with your vet.

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