Dog Grooming in Leek

Dog Grooming in LeekWith dog grooming in Leek , your furry friend will remain in good looks and health. At Blakeley Farm, our team of committed animal-lovers and experienced professionals ensure that your doggy feels and looks great once he or she goes through our sessions. As a family run business, we believe in a completely hands-on approach and we are available 24×7. We’re proud of our high standards, caring service, pristine premises and of our beautiful rural setting just outside Stoke on Trent. We also have purpose built kennels and catteries for your pets when you want a safe place to leave them while you’re away. Our dog grooming services keep your pet looking his or her best, with nails and hair neatly trimmed, with bright eyes and a glossy coat. Regular grooming also takes care of nasty infections and infestations, unpleasant smells, hair fall, and tackles difficult-to-remove grime and dirt.

Our canine beautician and hygienist ensures that your dog not just looks great but also feels relaxed, comfortable and happy. We employ only professional groomers. In Leek, dog grooming packages are available. You can choose a bespoke package that’s right for your dog’s needs, size, preferences and level of grooming required. If you’d like to leave your dog with us for the day while you’re at work, run errands or make a few visits, that’s also possible. By the time you return, your dog will be ready for you, as fresh and happy as can be. Grooming packages are tailored to the season too. Summer sessions keep the animal cool and comfortable, while winter grooming ensures there’s no build-up of bacteria or pests. Full grooming includes bath, brush, cleaning and clipping of nails, cleaning of ears and anal areas.

While conducting dog grooming in Leek, we use eco-friendly products that don’t cause any harm to animals, children, and plants. If you want a full shampoo and blow-dry only, this can be done. The rates may differ according to the services opted for and also the size of your dog. To find out more about our dog grooming service, contact Blakeley Farm. We cater to all breeds and offer free advice and suggestions on pet care.

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