Dog Kennels in Biddulph

Dog Kennels in BiddulphTrust us to give your furry friend the best care in our top-quality dog kennels in Biddulph. Blakeley Farm is well-known in the local community and the regions beyond for providing premium pet care. Our well-trained, experienced team of true animal lovers can ensure that your pet has a safe and comfortable stay with us while you’re away. Our facilities include purpose-built separate accommodation for cats and dogs, with 56 heated, all-purpose kennels for dogs. These kennels also have all-weather runs so your pet gets the right amount of exercise and freedom. Single and double kennels are available for both large and small breeds. All we request is that your pet is vaccinated, including with the kennel cough vaccine and that you provide us with the proof and documentation. Dogs are fed twice a day, with Arden Grange dog food, unless your pet needs a special diet. Our staff ensures that the dogs are exercised every day.

For pet owners in Biddulph, dog kennels should be selected based on your own needs, preferences and budget. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from former clients. We know how hectic it gets when you’re planning a trip. Most pets sense that you’re going away and it upsets them. That’s why many pet parents prefer to send their pets to the boarding facilities before they start packing. If you’d like us to collect and drop off your pet, we can help you with that. Our facilities are staffed 24×7 and being a family run and family owned business, we are available on site throughout. Located in the scenic environs of the Staffordshire countryside, our farm provides a great opportunity for your pet to enjoy the serene and peaceful surroundings and fresh, clean air.

Our dog kennels in Biddulph are the perfect choice where you can be sure he or she will get round the clock attention, love and care. To find out more about our dog kennels, contact Blakeley Farm today. Worrying about your pet is the last thing you need to do while you’re away.  We have complete monitoring by CCTV, so you can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands.

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