Dog Grooming in Knutton

Dog Grooming in KnuttonWe offer dog grooming in Knutton at our boarding kennel. Our clients appreciate the convenience and professionalism of our on-site service. When they need to be out of town for a while they bring Scruffy to us for boarding care and schedule a spa day before retrieving their pet. Scruffy will receive bathing and if needed, a haircut to suit his or her breed. Our groomer will make sure nails are carefully clipped, and ears are cleaned. At the time of retrieval, you will find a sweet smelling, shiny coated Scruffy who is tidy, clean and thrilled to see you. Usually, there are many details to attend to after one has been away from home for a while but dog grooming will not have to be one of them.

Our professional groomer has grooming skills but also dog skills that will help put the most reluctant dog at ease. In Knutton, dog grooming with our groomer is a soothing experience provided by skilled hands.  The demeanour of our groomer acquired through experience and a genuine love of animals puts the dogs at ease. Sweet nothings whispered and a gentle massage with shampoo goes a long way to breaking down the resistance of even the most die-hard bath hater. While all this is taking place our groomer will also be checking for skin irritations or breaks, ear infection and dry cracked paw pads. We use the gentlest of grooming products that experience has proven to be safe and comfortable for your dog.

Take advantage of our dog grooming in Knutton on a regular schedule and your dog will enjoy coming for a visit. You don’t have to kennel your dog with us to take advantage of our grooming services. Contact us and schedule an appointment for dog grooming whenever the service is warranted. You can drop him off before work and pick him up after to simplify your schedule. Dogs prance with pride when they smell like dead fish which highlights the differences between ourselves and our best friends. They are never that proud after a bath and a bow. Like kids, that’s why they have parents. However, we think dogs display a renewed vigour after a bath. We do our best to make their time with us enjoyable.

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