Cat Kennel in Knutton

Cat Kennel in KnuttonOur cat kennel in Knutton is, along with dog kennels, our family owned and operated business. Cat and dog facilities are completely separate and are purpose built for the comfort of your pets. For over fifteen years, our staff of animal lovers have been providing care for pets here in our safe and beautiful rural setting. We are aware that some people see no need for a cattery. Their reasoning is based on the false assumptions that cats are happy alone and can take care of themselves. Just because your cat does not jump on you and slobber all over your face every time you walk in a room doesn’t mean they don’t love you and need you. They do; they’re just a little more conservative as well as confident that you appreciate them. They don’t feel the need for constant reassurance as do some pets. 

So, if you are going away on holiday or business your cat will appreciate the provision of daily care and attention. In Knutton, our cat kennel will be a safe and comfortable temporary home for your cat. We have built our cat care facility especially to meet your cat’s needs. The individual units are luxurious. They’re indoors where it is centrally heated. We know your cat will miss his favourite window but we provide a substitute.  Our penthouse style cat pens have windows so they can keep an eye on their neighbours and attendants. We also have double sized units for those of you who have two or more cats that like to be together. 

 Cats may be cautious but our cat kennel in Knutton staff will quickly ease the stress of separation with playful chatter and attention. We provide lots of attention, high quality food and always fresh water. Litter boxes are kept clean and we can also administer any medications your cat may need. Blakely Farm Cat Kennels invite you to tour our facility so you’ll feel confident entrusting your cat to us while you are away. Contact us and schedule your visit. We want to answer any questions you may have. Your cat is not a wild animal regardless of who their ancestors were. He is a domestic, primarily house kept pet who needs attention, care and companionship. We’ll meet those needs when you can’t.

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