Catteries in Hanchurch

Catteries in HanchurchResponsible pet owners choose catteries in Hanchurch with care when they need to leave their cat for an extended time for holiday or business. It is likely that everyone who leaves their cat at home when they go out of town knows they are taking a risk. We know they leave plenty of food and water or use those self-feeding and watering bowls. Maybe they even leave more than one clean litter box sitting about. They comfort themselves with the fact that they have done everything they can to make sure their pet is okay. However, they will probably feel a little niggling anxiety while they’re away because they really do care about their cats well-being. You may know pet owners like that or you may even be that cat owner.

It’s not for us to tell people how to care for their pets. We would like to offer you a better option in Hanchurch catteries because things can happen when you leave your pet home alone. Cats can get sick, spill water, injure themselves in various ways and you won’t know about it until you get home; that could be days. But even if none of that happens, cats feel anxiety when patterns change. They’re too proud to show it unless you know what to look for. That anxiety takes a toll on their immune system. Some pet owners have the neighbours look in on their cat while bringing in the post or watering the plants. Cats can outsmart anybody and do slip out the door without anyone knowing.

We have special accommodation catteries in Hanchurch. We have a well-trained staff of animal lovers on site at all times caring for your pets. We keep them in sight during quiet hours using CCTV. Our cat facilities were purpose built for your cat’s comfort and safety. The units are all indoor and centrally heated. Each unit has the all-important window on the world that is an essential pass time for any cat. Call us and schedule a tour of our facility or just drop by. Your cat will have the attention he or she needs and the interaction with humans that they are used to. We can administer medications if needed and of course, fresh food and water daily.

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