Professional Dog Grooming in Cheddleton For a Clean Sweet Smelling Dog

dog grooming in CheddletonDog grooming in Cheddleton at Blakeley Farm is a service you can take advantage of when your dog is boarding with us and when he’s not. Very often, when owners board their dog with us while they’re away, they request our grooming services. We do have an excellent dog whispering groomer on site with a gift for putting dogs at ease. Pet owners enjoy returning to collect a clean sweet smelling dog after they’ve been away. They choose Blakeley Farm to board their dog because we have a lovely safe kennel where each dog has his own private heated space, lots of exercise and attention from our dog loving family, quality food and sheltered dog runs. And, then they find out we have an excellent groomer on site.

We want you to know that you don’t have to be a guest with us at Blakeley Farms to enjoy our spa treatments. For all dogs in Cheddleton, dog grooming at Blakeley Farm is available by appointment anytime. It’s convenient for dog owners to bring their dog for grooming where they’re kennelled during time away from home. Blakeley Farm will become a home away from home for your dog because of frequent visits for grooming and boarding. That eliminates all that anxiety experienced by dog and owner at the once a year boarding when the family goes on holiday.

We hold to a high standard at Blakeley Farm in all areas of pet care, including dog grooming in Cheddleton. Our groomers are professionals that are experienced at putting your dog at ease and enjoying a soothing massaging sudsy bath. If pup needs a haircut, our groomer will style according to your preference with great care and gentleness. Nobody likes the careless nicks. Nail trims, ear and anal gland cleaning and brushing of teeth are options as well. Our groomers are doing something else all the while they are spiffing up your best friend. They are alert for any abnormalities on the skin, mouth, joints and ears that may need vet attention. Contact us today and schedule your dog in for a grooming session with our dog groomer. Each time you bring your dog, he’ll feel like he’s visiting family.

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