Top Rated Catteries in Uttoxeter for Your Cat While You are Away

Catteries in Uttoxeter Catteries in Uttoxeter are not plentiful but we at Blakeley Farm saw the need. We also have kennel care for dogs but a cattery is not like a kennel. Cats need room to wander a bit but they also need a warm, clean and soft space all their own where they feel safe. Cats sleep two-thirds of the day so napping comfort is serious business. We have single or double cat units, purpose-built for the comfort of cats as penthouses with the all-important windows on their world. All cat units are indoors in a centrally heated area. The location of our cat penthouses is critical for cat safety. Cats are gifted escape artists. They will climb through an opening, not because they want to, but more because they can. They may do that repeatedly. Our cattery is secure against even the cleverest of cats.

Cats do not need a lot of one on one attention but they want it when they want it. In Uttoxeter, catteries are staffed with caring attentive caregivers. They are available to provide special attention when your cat wants it. When you’re going to be away from home for more than a day, your cat needs the proper care we provide at Blakely Farm. First and foremost is safety, security and personal attention. Your cat will enjoy fine dining and plenty of fresh water while they are our guests. Clean litter is regularly replaced. You can lock your cat in your house while you’re gone, but that will not secure his health, safety and well being. Cats need daily care and attention.

Catteries in Uttoxeter are situated in a large secluded setting that is secure and completely separate from the dog kennels. Our facility has been established for many years and enjoys an excellent reputation for pet care. Our staff is made up of animal lovers that are well trained in the proper care of cats. Cats are independent and self-sufficient as long as somebody else is there to make sure their needs are met. It’s just not true that cats can take care of themselves; at least they can’t do it for very long and survive. Contact Blakeley Farm and schedule a tour of our facility. The next time you have to be away from home, schedule your cat to stay with us.

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