Dog Boarding in Cheddleton, Keeping Your Dog Safe While You are Away

Dog Boarding in CheddletonChoose professional facilities for dog boarding in Cheddleton before you plan your next holiday. Going away on a well-earned holiday is one of the finer things in life. Ensuring that your dog is safe while you are away ensures that you can relax and enjoy your holiday. If you are troubled about where to leave your dog, we invite you contact us at Blakeley Farm. As a family run business since 2003, we are committed to providing an excellent dog boarding facility that ticks all the right boxes. You can rest assured that your dog is safe and content at our kennels.

You are welcome to pay us a visit. In Cheddleton, dog boarding facilities that e offer will meet all your requirements. As such, we offer luxury kennels in an enclosed area for all our dog boarders. With 56 purpose built kennels for our visitors, we are sure your dog will be comfortable. Your dog will be safe at our boarding kennels –  our property is manned 24 hours a day. We also make use of CCTV coverage. All our kennels have all-weather runs, so your dog will be able to enjoy both inside and outside, regardless of the weather. We also provide our dog visitors with daily walks and allow them the opportunity to burn off excess energy. You will also be pleased to know that we feed our doggy guests top of the range Arden dog food. Should your dog have any specific dietary requirements, we can accommodate these to ensure he is properly cared for.

Dog boarding in Cheddleton brings you peace of mind when you go away on holiday. Our dog boarding kennels are fully licensed by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. If you would like to pay us a visit and have a look at our facilities you are more than welcome. Or, if you would like more details about our dog boarding, contact Blakeley Farm right away. We are happy to accept any size dog or any breed at our kennels. All we require is that their vaccinations are up to date, including the kennel cough vaccine and proof of vaccinations will be required. Plan your holiday with confidence knowing that your dog will be safe.

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