Dog Grooming Service in Eccleshall, Perfect for Your Precious Fur Baby

Dog Grooming Service in EccleshallOur excellent dog grooming service in Eccleshall is an excellent way to pamper your four-footed friends. With winter fast retreating, it’s time to give your doggy a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing grooming session. This makes them feel more active, lighter and fresher. And if truth be told, much nicer to be around! At Blakeley Farm, we are animal enthusiasts, passionately dedicated to caring for a variety of pets. We make sure that your canine companion gets the best treatment provided by our highly trained, experienced and licensed team. We know how anxious pet parents are about placing their precious bundles of fur into the hands of strangers. But we assure you that not only will he enjoy the experience but will be glad to come back the next time too.

A fact to remember is that in Eccleshall, our dog grooming service has the right tools and products. Nail and fur trimming needs the use of special clippers, cutters and trimmers and fur detanglers. To get the best results, grooming needs more than one hand. We work as a team, where one person holds the dog and ensures that she or he is comfortable, while the other person proceeds with the grooming. Finding a groomer you can trust can be quite challenging. You can probably do most of the routine work yourself, such as bath and shampoo, trimming nails, cleaning the ears, brushing and combing. However, it’s not easy to manage even these chores if you have a long-haired dog. The coat gets matted and dirty very easily, and it needs regular trimming to keep it clean and glossy.

A dog grooming service in Eccleshall is an excellent way to ensure your best friend has the care he needs. It can be challenging to groom your pet thoroughly, by yourself. This is one of the reasons why our dog grooming services are a real boon to pet owners. They are completely professional, and affordably priced. For more details about our dog grooming service, contact Blakely Farm. We’re happy to answer all your questions and provide any advice. Ensure your best doggy friend is clean, sweet-smelling and content with our expert services.

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