Dog Grooming Service in Hanley for a Great-Looking, Sweet Smelling Pooch

Dog Grooming Service in Hanley Consider a dog grooming service in Hanley if your pooch’s fur is starting to look a bit scruffy. Dog grooming is necessary if your dog’s coat is dirty and matted. Furthermore, it will also ensure that your dog’s coat is healthy and shiny. Give your dog a pampering and grooming session for the best healthy coat results. Not only will your dog look great, but he’ll feel great too. Grooming a dog offers health benefits as well as a neat and tidy appearance. We offer a grooming service that will leave your dog feeling, looking, and smelling fantastic.

For your furry friend in Hanley, our dog grooming service is all-inclusive to ensure the best care for your dog. Nail clipping, coat trimming and brushing, and a good shampoo are included in our dog grooming service. Long nails can lead to possible injury for both pet and human. Shampooing your dog will help to remove dirt and give him a fresh-smelling and revitalised coat. Sometimes a dog’s coat will grow in a manner that results in tangled and messy fur. A good brush and a bit of a trim can keep his coat intact and looking good. While you are able to groom your dog yourself, it can become an extensive task and be a bit challenging, especially if you have a large dog. Let us pamper your pooch for you.

Choose a dog grooming service in Hanley that is offered by professionals. We are a family of animal lovers, and ensure expert and skilled care for every animal that comes to us. We were established in 2003, and continue to provide professional services to our clients and their animals. Contact Blakely Farm for more information on our dog grooming services. We also offer boarding services for dogs and cats, however your dog doesn’t need to be our guest for him to be pampered and groomed. Schedule an appointment today to give your dog an excellent grooming session and have him come home all clean, healthy and fresh smelling. Your pooch deserves only the best.

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