Choosing Kennels in Cheddleton

Kennels in CheddletonAre you looking for high-quality kennels in Cheddleton? Leaving your beloved four-legged friend for the first time can be extremely difficult. You want to ensure that the kennels responsible for the wellbeing or your dogs is of a high quality. You should start by visiting the kennels and forming a basic picture of how they operate. A first impression is likely to give you a good idea as to the standard of the kennels and its staff. So what considerations do you need to take into account when it comes to choosing kennels for your dog? Firstly, reputable kennels such as Blakeley Farm should be willing to provide you with a thorough tour of the facilities on offer. There are a number of important aspects to consider when you tour the kennels for the first time. Take a special interest in cleanliness. Do the facilities smell clean and are they free of waste? Check the exercise area to make sure that they are large enough to accommodate the needs of your dog. You also need to visit the area where your dog will stay during the night and ensure that it is clean and tidy.

In Cheddleton, kennels are a great solution if you need to leave the area for a period of time and want your dog cared for by friendly, trained staff. To ensure that the kennels are of a high standard, assess the happiness of the dogs currently residing at the kennels. Do they seem relaxed and happy? You also need to ask staff about medical care. If your dog has an accident or becomes sick, what medical care is on site? Does your dog require any medication? If so, are the staff happy to administer the medication when it is needed?

Another important aspect to consider when choosing kennels in Cheddleton relates to the staff. Are they warm and friendly towards the dogs in their care? Do they provide the dogs with enough exercise and attention? Finally, what are the staff hours? In a perfect world, kennels should be adequately staffed 24 hours a day. If you are looking for quality kennels, contact Blakeley Farm.

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