Kennels in Biddulph

Kennels in BiddulphLooking for affordable, caring kennels in Biddulph as you need to go away for a few days? Your dogs are as big a part of your family as your children. Leaving them for a few days is a difficult decision. If your friends are unavailable and the pet carer you usually hire is out of town, consider Blakeley Farm Kennels.  Situated in the rural area of Stoke-on-Trent, they are a caring and secure option for your dogs. They welcome visitors, so you could pay them a visit to see where your dogs would be staying. You could also witness the interaction between the staff and the animals in their care.

In Biddulph, kennels for your dogs are a great place for your dogs to stay while you are out of town. Each animal in the care of Blakeley Farms is treated as though they were their own. With lots of attention from the staff who are on duty throughout the day and night, your dogs will enjoy their holiday away from home. You are likely to miss them, and worry that they are getting the attention and love they are used to receiving at home, but you can rest assured that your dogs will be well cared for and safe.

Visit Blakeley Farm for kennels in Biddulph. You will be pleased to discover that their rates are competitive and their reputation is excellent. All they require from you is that your dogs’ inoculations are up to date. They accommodate all size and all breed of dogs. And if your dogs have a medical condition, the dedicated staff will administer their medication when it is required. All the animals at the kennels receive highly nutritious and tasty meals. A top brand name such as Arden Grange quality pet food is the food given to the guests at the kennels. With their heated and purpose-built kennels, your dogs will be as comfortable as they are at home. For friendly and safe kennels for your dogs, contact Blakeley Farm.

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