Catteries in Eccleshall

catteries in EccleshallSearching for catteries in Eccleshall before you and the family go on vacation? Though cats are naturally independent creatures, we at Blakeley Farm understand that you still want them in good hands while you’re away. That is why we provide state of the art luxury cat pens that are not only safe for your pet, but also comfortable and secure. Along with our spacious pens, we provide your cat with all the toys they need, so that they are never left bored or without proper exercise. In other words, it’s a home away from home, but only until you get back of course. Still nervous about leaving your feline behind? No need to worry. We offer facility inspections so that you can rest at ease that while you’re on vacation, your cat will be too.

In Eccleshall, catteries at Blakeley Farm are open seven days a week and our site is fully staffed by friendly animal lovers around the clock. We provide premium Arden Grange food so that your cat is well nourished and satisfied. Also, if your pet has a medical condition, we will administer their medications as prescribed by their veterinarian.

You can think of catteries in Eccleshall as a holiday destination for your cats. As you are lounging around thinking about your feline family member, you may be wondering what they’re doing while you’re not there. Well, just the same! The only difference? You may find that he or she has had a cat-makeover. At Blakeley Farm, we also offer professional grooming services from qualified staff. Before you come to pick up your cat, just book an appointment a day or so before and we will have them happily groomed before they’re cradled in your arms again. If you are interested in catteries, please contact Blakeley Farm for more details.

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