Dog Grooming Service in Leek

Dog Grooming Service in LeekAre you looking for a dog grooming service in Leek? Giving your dog a groom is not only a treat but also a great way to keep your dog’s appearance and health in top shape. If your dog has a very thick coat then it will need to get groomed so that it doesn’t overheat during warmer weather. Dogs with long or shaggy coats tend to get their fur tangled up and all sorts of dirt can gather in these knots. It is a good idea to take your dog to get groomed and pampered regularly. A brilliant company that can work wonders for your dog’s coat is Blakeley Farm.

In Leek, a dog grooming service such as the one found at Blakeley Farm is the perfect pamper for your pooch. They make use of only the latest and finest products to suit your dog’s needs. All dogs are welcome at Blakeley Farm as they provide for every breed of dog. Their groomers are highly skilled in what they do. They put love and care into their work so that you and your dog both receive an excellent service. Whether your dog is looking scruffy, needs its monthly trim or needs to lose some fur for the summer, beauty and pamper solutions can be found in the grooming services that Blakeley Farm provides.

Blakeley Farm’s dog grooming service in Leek has an excellent reputation for their trustworthy service. Their employees are friendly, polite and willing to cater for every requirement you have. If you need advice on the beauty and health options for your dog, they will happily explain what the best choice for your dog could be. A collection and delivery option is also available should you request it. To make it even more convenient for you, your dog is welcome to spend the rest of the day at Blakeley Farm while you are at work. Your faithful companion is guaranteed to leave looking beautiful and happy. For more information about a dog grooming service, contact Blakeley Farm.

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