Catteries in Kidsgrove

catteries in KidsgroveWhen you are looking for catteries in Kidsgrove, Blakeley Farm is the place to visit. Blakeley Farm welcomes site visits and facility inspections. They know how important it is to know that the place your cat will be staying is comfortable and secure. They welcome you to come and see the facilities for yourself. You will be impressed by their purpose built cattery. It was built with the comfort of cats in mind, and in a way that is safe and secure for precious pets. Blakeley Farm is staffed at all times, and they are open 7 days a week. They use only high quality cat food at Blakeley Farm, and your cat will be well fed during their stay. All cats at Blakeley Farm are not just looked after; they are loved and will feel that they are in a home from home. If your cat has a medical condition, you can be assured that Blakeley Farm will administer all medicines provided, and will take special care of your fur baby.

In Kidsgrove, catteries are not all of as high a standard as you will experience at Blakeley Farm. Blakeley Farm is exceptional. From their beautiful, rural setting to their purpose built facility, it is obvious that that they are the right choice for your pet. Think of it as a hotel for cats. Whilst you are away enjoying your holiday, your cat will be pampered and cared for at Blakeley Farm.

Blakeley Farm stands out from other catteries in Kidsgrove. There is no need to be concerned and worried about your pet when you leave them at Blakeley. There is no minimum length of stay required at Blakeley Farm. If you are going away for one night, Blakeley Farm will happily take care of your cat. If you will be away for a length of time, your cat will be fed and cared for and it will also receive much love from their team. Blakeley Farm is not just a business. They are a family-run organisation that loves animals. Your pet will be in good hands at Blakeley Farm. For more information about catteries, contact Blakeley Farm.

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