Kennels in Blackshaw Moor

kennels in Blackshaw MoorWhen you are planning a short trip away from home and you don’t have anyone to look after your dog, kennels in Blackshaw Moor may well be your saving grace. Blakeley Farm Kennels are well equipped to look after your dog while you are away from home. They will make sure that they get the best care they need and that they are provided the same quality food that they are used to at home. Even though it might not be home, the team at Blakeley Farm will make sure that they feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their stay.

In Blackshaw Moor, kennels are a safe place for your dog while you are away. Recently a client was wondering whether they can collect his dog since he will not be able to drop him off the kennels. He was pleased to find out that Blakeley Farm offers this service to clients who are not able to drop off their pets, especially if they have to be at the airport to catch a plane. The purpose-built kennels at Blakeley Farm offer their guests heated kennels to keep them warm during cold nights. Round the clock staff members make sure that they are fed and comfortable and, should they require any type of medical attention, the staff members will administer the medications on time. The family-run business also provides the pets with quality pet foods such as Arden Grange and if you are curious about the hotel for dogs, you are most welcome to pay them a visit. It can be hard to separate from your dog, especially if this is the first time, but with Blakeley Farm, you will not have to worry about your dog’s comfort or safety.

Your dog will be well-treated and catered for at the kennels in Blackshaw Moor. There he will have a holiday of his own. And if he is looking a bit scruffy, the team is experienced at providing grooming services that will make him look neat and tidied up. If you would like to find out more about kennels, do not hesitate to contact Blakeley Farm.

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