Catteries in Uttoxeter

catteries in UttoxeterPlacing your cat in catteries in Uttoxeter is a safer and healthier choice than what some pet owners choose. You have probably heard nightmarish stories yourself about cats left alone while their owners are away for a few days. Even having a neighbour look in once a day can end in tragedy. There is the cat who slipped outside one winter day when the neighbour looked in and the neighbour locked up the house, thinking the cat was inside. The owners came home to a sad surprise. Another cat left alone was unknowingly left in a room with the door closed. He was separated from his food and water. Blakeley Farm offers a safe haven for your pet while you are away.

Instead of leaving your cat alone in Uttoxeter, catteries at Blakeley Farm will pamper your pet with a comfy bed all of his own. He will receive fresh food and water along with human contact. He will be safe from the weather elements and safely separated from the kennels. The scenic location of Blakeley Farm may not impress your cat. It is likely nothing does. However, you will have the comfort of knowing your much-loved cat is safe in a rural location. Blakeley Farm Kennels and Cattery is a family owned enterprise with a love of animals. They take their responsibility for the care of your pet seriously because they understand about pets.

Catteries in Uttoxeter at Blakeley Farm understands that pets mean a great deal to families. Pets are like a family member. It is that devotion that Blakeley Farm endeavours to protect by caring for your cat. Their cattery is not a makeshift facility. It was purposely built for your cat’s safety and comfort. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are rushed for time, we will collect and return your cat on your schedule. Some cats require regular medication and that is a concern for their owners. However, the staff at Blakeley Farm is capable of delivering needed medications on the appropriate schedule for the health of your cat. Your family pet deserves the best care and he will receive it at Blakeley Farm.

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