Catteries in Biddulph

Catteries in BiddulphYou may be looking for suitable catteries in Biddulph if you are planning a vacation. The decision about where to leave your cat when you are away is a difficult one. You are probably torn between leaving the cat at home, leaving him at your friend or neighbour or sending him to a professional cattery. If you opt to leave your kitty at home, you will need to leave enough food and water for him to drink while you’re away. Of course, you can always have your neighbour check up on him once a day, but how reliable is this option? What if your neighbour forgets to lock the door or forgets to visit? You may choose to leave your kitty at a family or friend’s place. Cats, unlike dogs, take time to acclimate to new environments. You can cause your feline undue stress by shifting him from his comfort zone. He may become ill or lash out angrily at his new caretakers. Let’s face it, no one will care for your kitty better than you! Your last and probably the best option would be to leave him at a professional cattery. Here he will get the appropriate “cat attention” that he rightly deserves.

In Biddulph, catteries at Blakeley Farm are professionally run. Their services are perfect for people going away on vacation. The family team at Blakeley Farm will take care of your little feline like a family member. They have purpose-built luxury cat pens so that your cat can enjoy himself too. The benefit of choosing Blakeley Farm is that their site is staffed at all times. Their facilities are inspected regularly to ensure that everything is up to government standards. In terms of food, the cattery provides Arden Grange pet food so your little feline’s nutrition is looked after. Blakeley Farm is open 7 days a week and they also offer local delivery and collection. If your kitty has a medical condition, their staff are trained to administer medication.

If you are going on vacation and are concerned about where to leave little Felix, consider catteries in Biddulph provided by Blakeley Farm. You can be certain that he will be well looked after. For more information about first class catteries, contact Blakeley Farm.

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