Kennels in Uttoxeter

Kennels in UttoxeterAre you looking for kennels in Uttoxeter? Having to choose a kennel for your best friend can be difficult. It might be that it is the first time you have to leave your dog behind, and you are concerned that he won’t be correctly looked after. This can be very stressful for both you and your dog. Pay Blakeley Farm a visit to see how well your dog will be looked after while you are away. You will be pleased to note their comfortable, heated all-purpose kennels and the peaceful rural setting of the kennels.

In Uttoxeter, kennels for your dog should mimic home. Blakeley Farm is family  run and staffed by friendly caring people who will care for your dog as though he is their own. In fact, your dog is likely to have a super doggy holiday while you are away! They have access to a local vet, should there be any problems with your dog, rest assured he will be seen to. The staff is on site 24 hours a day as well. If your dog has a medical condition and needs regular medication, the staff are well equipped to ensure he gets his medication.

When you choose kennels in Uttoxeter, your dog will eat like a king. At Blakeley Farm, they stock Arden Grange quality pet food – your dog may well not want to eat anything else after his stay there! They do require that your dog’s vaccinations are up to date before coming to stay at the kennels. If you are unable to bring him or fetch him yourself, Blakeley Farm can also collect and drop him off, making it easy and convenient for you. For more information about dedicated and caring kennels, contact Blakeley Farm today.

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