Catteries in Cheddleton

Catteries in CheddletonFind reputable catteries in Cheddleton for a safe place for your cat while you are moving house. You asked your vet what you should do when the movers come. She suggested a tranquiliser or boarding your cat until the move is complete. You don’t like the idea of tranquillising your cat as the last time she didn’t react well to the medication and was quite moggy for a few days afterward. A cattery sounds like the preferable option.

In Cheddleton, catteries seem to be the best solution while you are moving. The cattery at Blakeley Farm is worth looking into.  They offer comfortable purpose-built luxury cat-pens. Perfect for your cat who believes she is a queen and demands queen like accommodation. Top quality, fit for a queen Arden Grange quality pet food is provided, so you don’t have to worry about her meals. The cattery is staffed 24 hours a day and if your cat needs attention they will see that she receives it.

Blakeley Farm manages their catteries in Cheddleton with friendly, caring and dedicated staff. They will also administer any medication if your cat has a medical condition – rest assured that she will treated as well she is at home. Make sure your cat has all her vaccinations up to date before you take her to the cattery. And if you are unable to take her to the cattery yourself, give them a ring and they will collect her for you. Still a little sceptical? Visit the cattery as they welcome visitors. Put your mind at ease when you see how well the cats (and the dogs in the kennels) are looked after. You will appreciate the beautiful rural setting of the cattery. You will also appreciate the dedication of the staff in ensuring that the animals are properly and lovingly cared for. Let your queen have a holiday while you are busy with the move and the settling in at the new house. Contact Blakeley Farm if you are looking for catteries for your cat.

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