Catteries in Blackshaw Moor

Catteries in Blackshaw MoorCatteries in Blackshaw Moor are a lifesaver when you want to go away but you don’t want to leave your precious pet at home. Some people think you can leave your cat alone at home when you go away. They think if you leave some food out, the cat will be fine for the duration of the holiday. Others will ask a neighbour to put their head in once in a while to check that the cat is still around. Real cat lovers, those that think of their pets as their fur-babies, will never settle for this type of arrangement. They want to know that their treasured companion is being fed properly; that there is a safe place for them to sleep; that they are loved and cared for as if they were at home. If this describes you, then Blakeley Farm is for you.

In Blackshaw Moor, catteries are ideal for your cat. This cattery has purpose built luxury pens, designed to accommodate cats in style. They are built in such a way that cats are safe. If a cat is ill, germs are not spread throughout the community. Importantly, if your cat requires medication, Blakeley Farm will make sure that it receives what it needs when it needs it. The cattery is staffed at all times and your cat will not be left alone for long periods of time. The staff at Blakeley Farm truly love animals and will treat them as their own. Why don’t you come and see for yourself? You can do a site inspection at a time of your choosing and you can check the facilities for yourself. Once you have spent some time at Blakeley Farm, you will be comfortable leaving your cat in their care.

When you choose catteries in Blackshaw Moor, make sure that you are comfortable and you have chosen the right place to leave your pet. Your holiday will be tarnished if you are constantly worrying about the welfare of your cat. Visit Blakeley Farm and put your mind at rest. Your next holiday will be a holiday for both you and your cat. For more information about catteries, contact Blakeley Farm.

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