Catteries in Leek

Catteries in LeekBlakeley Farm offers catteries in Leek if you are a cat owner and need temporary care for your cat. Our prices are very reasonable and your cat or cats will receive excellent care. We know that some feel it is okay to leave your cats home alone. They fill a big pan with water and another with food so they will have enough to last a week or so. Then they fill a big litter box or, like one woman we heard about, set out three clean litter boxes. Their belief is that they are safe in their own home and have everything they need. What could go wrong? Well, we could tell you horror stories about the things that did go wrong and most of them could not be anticipated.

In Leek, catteries are safer for your cat when you need to be away for an extended time. We know you love them and would never intentionally endanger them. We invite you to visit us at Blakeley Farm. Tour our cattery and meet our friendly animal loving staff. You will see how happy and contented our guests are. We can offer medical care if it becomes necessary. However, if your cat is on medications we can dispense them. Any special care will be provided along with warm and comfortable housing. There is a safe play area and when they want to nap they can curl up undisturbed in their own bed.

If you are looking for catteries in Leek, look to Blakeley Farm. With kitty being well cared for, you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Your pets are important members of your family and at Blakeley Farm we feel the same. We will care for yours with the same conscientiousness as we care for our own. We have a pet groomer on site if you wish to schedule your cat for bathing and grooming. It will be nice to return home to a lovely clean pet. We have a beautiful place in the country and a caring and experienced staff. Don’t risk leaving Fluffy home alone the next time you go on vacation. Bring her to Blakeley Farm where she will enjoy her own vacation. For more information about catteries, contact Blakeley Farm.

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