Dog Grooming Service in Uttoxeter

Dog Grooming Service in UttoxeterA dog grooming service in Uttoxeter is a blessing when you have a big hairy dog who does not like the bath. You need a professional. They can take your smelly hairy dog and transform him into an elegant, clean, well-groomed dog. This will make your life so much easier. All you need to do is book your pup into the groomers once a month or so. No more smelly dog – suddenly “Prince” lives up to his name. No matter the breed there are times when a dog needs a professional groomer. If you live in a semi-rural area then your dog probably goes for a walk. Often with the rain things become muddy and with a few brambles or thorns, the hair becomes a knot. No amount of grooming can get that off.

In Uttoxeter, dog grooming service will advise you on the best way to keep your pet clean and shiny. When you consider that most dogs run away when they hear the word BATH, strangely enough, when taken to the grooming parlour they seem to enjoy the experience. This is rather like the difference between having a warm bath and jumping into a cold muddy pond. They will choose the cold muddy pond every time. Ask the grooming service about having your dog’s hair clipped or stripped.

Dog grooming service in Uttoxeter offers a stripping service as well as the other grooming services. Stripping is normally done on terriers who shed at certain times of the year and the dead hair comes out in small clumps. This hair is pulled out of the coat by hand. Each clump is gripped firmly between fingers and tugged out of the coat. This is normally fine over most of the body but can be a bit tender on the belly and under the arms. Some people prefer to clip these areas for the pet’s comfort. You can drop your dog off on the way to work and then pick him up on the way home. What a pleasure. Contact Blakeley Farm for more information about a dog grooming service.

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