Catteries in Hanchurch

Catteries in HanchurchCatteries in Hanchurch will solve the dilemma of what to do with your cat while you are away at a work conference. Your friendly neighbour who always looks after Sylvester while you are away is unable to help out. Sylvester is, well, a spoilt cat. He tends to be fussy eater and loves attention. Choosing a well-known cattery with an excellent reputation will set your mind at ease that he will be safe, and well fed in your absence. He may not be the happiest cat, but he will be well looked after and that is of utmost importance.

In Hanchurch, catteries that will cherish your cat are the places you will be happy to leave him. Blakeley Farm offer both cat and dog boarding facilities. If you are concerned that Sylvester will have to contend with big dogs, don’t worry. At Blakeley Farm the cats are housed in comfortable purpose-built luxury cat-pens, away from all other animals. He will also get the attention he demands as the staff are a family of animal enthusiasts and will care for him as if he was their own. And with the delicious Arden Grange quality pet food on offer, he is likely to put aside his fussy eating habits. The cattery is staffed at all times, so should Sylvester act a little off colour or needs attention, it will be noticed straight away. The staff will also give him his daily medication, so you can cross that off your ‘worry’ list.

Catteries in Hanchurch are an excellent ‘home away from home’ for Sylvester while you are away. Blakeley Farm welcome visitors so if you would to visit the cattery and see how comfortable Sylvester will be, don’t hesitate to pop in. If for any reason you are unable to take Sylvester to the cattery yourself, you can rely on Blakeley Farm to collect him for you. This will be helpful if you are pressed for time. If you would like to find out more about top class catteries for Sylvester, contact Blakeley Farm.

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