Kennels in Stone, Staffordshire

Kennels in Stone, StaffordshireThere are times when you have to leave your beloved pet behind and if you’d like to know more about boarding kennels in Stone, Staffordshire, contact Blakeley Farm. Family-run businesses like these are owned, managed and run by animal lovers who would certainly ensure that your pet is comfortable, safe and happy while you’re away. Boarding kennels should provide quality care so that you’re able to travel without stress or worry. Your dog depends on you to make sure that he is happy, well-fed, clean and safe. While many of us have friends and neighbours who are quite willing to dog-sit for us, they may not be available every time, or they may not have the professional experience to handle emergencies or the time to follow the routine that your pet is used to.

In Stone, Staffordshire, kennels are available to suit all kinds of pets, budgets, preferences and needs. Ask your vet, local animal shelter or a reputed dog-trainer for suitable recommendations before entrusting your pet to a kennel. In fact, the best option would be to look for a boarding kennel when you have the time and leisure to do so and not when you face a crisis. This allows you to personally inspect the facilities and talk to the owners and staff, explain your special requirements if any and also do a comparative study across a few likely kennels till you zero in on the ideal one for your pet.

While inspecting kennels in Stone, Staffordshire, make sure you cover the entire property and all the places your pet may be taken to. The place should look and smell fresh, with enough ventilation and light, and temperature controlled. The staff should be knowledgeable, experienced and caring. Most reputed kennels insist on immunisation requirements being current and may recommend additional vaccines for conditions like kennel cough. Examine the exercise areas and ensure that they are dry and hygienic. Ask about veterinary services available and whether they allow you to provide special food or treats that your pet is used to. Many kennels offer additional services like grooming, training, and bathing to ensure that your pet has a pleasant and comfortable home away from home. For more information about professionally run kennels, contact Blakeley Farm.

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