Catteries in Stallington

Catteries in StallingtonCatteries in Stallington, especially Blakeley Farm, may be responsible for keeping peace in families. Your daughter-in-law says they are bringing your first grandchild for a visit. However, she doesn’t want the baby around your cat. You take pity on your son, bite your tongue and call Blakeley Farm Catteries. You know that shortly after the second child arrives that young family will likely be looking for their own fur baby. Meanwhile, you will enjoy your grandbaby and your companion cat will be pampered by the Blakeley Farm staff. They have always been there, familiar and friendly, whenever you need them. Sometimes life just demands every ounce of our attention. We regret having to neglect our well-loved cat during those times. Knowing that Blakeley Farm is there is a relief.

Blakeley Farm is an excellent environment for boarding animals. For true cat lovers in Stallington, catteries are expected to meet certain cat standards. They expect warm comfy beds all their own with room to move about. Mental stimulation is important to the cat. They do have a passive interest in their surroundings. A room with a view of the bird feeder is ideal. Food, fresh water and treats on schedule is a mandatory requirement. Clean toilets daily are expected. Each cat has their own idea of what degree of cuddling is acceptable. The Blakeley Farm staff tries to be sensitive to the needs of each. The whole environment is geared to the safety of your cats.

For the discriminating cat and cat lover, catteries in Stalington is your cats home away from home. There is no need to risk leaving the care of your pet to the neighbour kid while you are on holiday. Why compound the worry of undergoing a surgical procedure with worry about your cat home alone for two or three days? Contact Blakeley Farm today to find out more about catteries. Put your cat’s needs in the care of Blakeley Farm. That is especially true when cousin Millie is descending on your home as your nurse and caretaker after knee surgery. She is allergic to cats. So once again, you depend on Blakeley Farm to be your able substitute until normal life returns.

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