Dog Boarding in Leek

dog boarding in LeekWhen going on holiday, consider dog boarding in Leek instead of depending on a friend or neighbour. We often feel our dog will be less stressed if someone comes in to care for him that he already knows. That may be true initially. However, he will be alone for long hours between the morning and evening visits and that can be stressful as well. Your dog is used to your company and frequent attention. He may be used to more frequent outings than twice a day. It is not unusual for a dog when left alone for long periods of time, to misbehave. Do you really want to cage him all the time he is alone?

There are a lot of funny stories about the mischief dogs get up to when home alone but they are only funny in retrospect. If you value your house in Leek, dog boarding could save you a lot of clean-up when you return home. Dogs gone wild in your house could also result in their injury. You will never know how he got the gift wrapped box of chocolates and you never dreamed he would push the window screen out and escape. That mischief indicates your dog feels stressed. At Blakeley Farm, your best friend may feel some separation anxiety but it disappears fast under our care. We give lots of snuggles, exercise and stimulating romps, good foods and treats. There is activity and they are not alone.

Most dogs have a positive response to dog boarding in Leek at Blakeley Farm. If you are concerned we have some suggestions to ease the transition. Introduce your dog to our kennel by bringing him in for grooming or just for a visit and walk about. Let him get familiar with the smells and sounds and people. You could even let him spend a night with us. For the safety of your dog and your own peace of mind contact Blakeley Farm for dog boarding to care for your dog while you are away. Our staff is loving and conscientious about animal care. We will make sure to attend to any special needs or medications he may require. Our family at Blakeley Farm would like to get to know you and your dog.

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