Dog Grooming in Blyth Bridge

dog grooming in Blyth BridgeTreat your precious furry friends to a special session of dog grooming in Blyth Bridge when you want them to look their best. Apart from looking and feeling great, grooming also ensures hygiene and health. Most reputed and experienced dog grooming services like Blakeley Farm conduct routine pet care checks before they start the grooming session. This would include ensuring that your beloved doggy is in good health and cheer, is eating and exercising right and is free from diseases and infestations. The groomer checks your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, paws, nails and pads, under-side, skin and coat and nose and lets you know if there’s anything wrong. Many grooming services are conducted by trained and qualified vets and their assistants, so you can deal with any problems immediately.

Perhaps you’re showing your dog in a competition or show. In Blyth Bridge, dog grooming services can ensure that your four-footed darling looks his or her best on the big day. All dogs need basic grooming at home, which consists of regular brushing, bathing, nail trimming and ensuring that there are no parasites or pests bothering it. However, apart from this, scheduling a regular grooming session with a professional groomer keeps your pet in prime condition. Professional groomers can also alert you to any cuts, wounds, swelling, lameness, changes in temperament, nutritional deficiencies, or lack of exercise. The general health and cleanliness of your dog is assured since groomers can immediately pinpoint fungal and bacterial infections of the ears and eyes. They can remove dead hair, trim overgrown hair around the feet and face, and keep the coats glossy, shining and free of knots.

Dog grooming in Blyth Bridge may also include some extra special services that you may want. For instance, if you’d love a special look with hair colouring or nail painting, let your groomer know about it and they can tell you if they offer such services. Contact Blakeley Farm today to find out about dog grooming services. Give the expert professionals a call and indulge your pet with a relaxing grooming session. Creative grooming services are those add-ons that turn heads on the street when you stroll down with your cute little doggy!

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