Kennels in Eccleshall

Kennels in EccleshallKennels in Eccleshall is a secure, safe environment where you can leave your best friend while you are away on holiday. You should not be anxious when you have to leave your dog, and now you don’t have to. Whether you are gone for a few days or a few weeks you, like any dog lover, will want to know that your dog is well-fed, taken care of and happy. So if you can’t take him with you to your holiday destination or your regular dog sitter is unavailable, Blakeley Farm is the way to go.

For dog owners in Eccleshall, kennels are perfect for your beloved pet. A dog sitter doesn’t always stay with your dog so they will often feel lonely. This is also a problem if your dog is ill and needs medication which sitters may forget but, this is not an issue at Blakeley Farm as they are happy to administer any medication to your dog if needed. They provide luxury heated and purpose-built enclosures with staff on hand 24 hours a day. The staff at Blakeley Farm are real animal lovers who will treat your dog as their own. If you wish, you are more than welcome to pay this friendly, family owned kennels a visit. They encourage inspections because they know how much your dog means to you.

When visiting kennels in Eccleshall, take a look at where your dog will be sleeping, eating and getting his daily exercise. Make sure that it is dry, hygienic and well ventilated. The staff should be helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. You can also enquire about what type of food they will be fed. To learn more about this professionally run kennel, contact Blakeley Farm. They do require that your dog is fully vaccinated. Blakeley Farm Kennels is highly recommended and you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your best friend is safe and well looked after.

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